Kuwait 'Stealing Iraqi Oil'

An Iraqi MP has stoked rising political tensions with Kuwait, by claiming that Kuwait has been stealing Iraqi oil through slant-drilling. According to the report from the Kuwait Times, he emphasized that the parliamentary committee, of which he is a member, will investigate the issue.

MP Oday Awwad, a member of Iraq's parliamentary energy committee, said that a sub-committee had been formed to study the subject and verify controversial reports. The accusations are reminiscent of charges leveled by former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein before the 1990 invasion of Kuwait.

Awwad's accusation follows recent controversy over Kuwaiti authorities' alleged failure to inform Iraqi counterparts of its plan to build the new Mubarak Al-Kabeer port, which Kuwaiti officials have flatly denied.

The MP said that the committee members will pay a visit to the Kuwait-Iraq border to confirm if slant-drilling is being practiced, before reporting its findings to the Iraqi Parliament.

(Source: Kuwait Times)


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