New Tenders From North Gas Company

North Gas Company announces the below tenders:

-Automatic Titration instrument last model with determination oh H2S,RSH,COS in petroleum productions & gases , total acid number , total base number for oils , acid base titration for aqueous .

For further information please click on this link.

-Spare for SRU 4700 UV flame detector adjustable sensivity ultraviolet flame detector model no C7076D1001.

110 V 50Hz power supply

For further details please click here.

-Complete Z configuration skid with two proper size custody transfer turbine meter with metric local readout indicator .

Please click here for further information.

-Design , manufacture , integrate & supply a complete refrigeration package skid mounted unit consisting few main items .

Please click here for further details.

-Spare for SRU 4700 Butterfly Valves.

Single acting cylinder operated butterfly valve size 300 x 300 MM

Please click here for further information.



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