GFC Re-Announce For The Tender Of Supplying 4000 Tons of Body Plate for L.P.G. Cylinder

Gas Filling Company -one of the Ministry of Oil companies –has the pleasure to re-announce for the tender of supplying  (4000) tons of (Body plate for L.P.G cylinder) from origin ( Belgium or West Europe or Japan or America) as a part of capitalism budget of 2011, all manufacturer companies & their approved agents companies only who are interested in participating in the above mentioned tender can refer to Gas Filling Company in Baghdad – Taji to purchase a copy of the tender document after announcement in the official newspapers against (250000) Iraqi Dinars non-repayable by a certified cheque issued from Rafedin bank AL-Moheet branch only.
All bidders must submit the following documents:

1- A bid bond, (1%) of the total amount of the offer by a bank guarantee or certified cheque or debenture bond issued from any reliable Iraqi bank addressed to Gas Filling Company - General company - according to a list of financial efficiency issued by Iraqi Central Bank .
2- A company foundation certificate (foreign companies) should be presented original copies ratified by the foreign ministry of the supplier country and the Iraqi embassy therein, and for Iraqi companies and their branches presented
from Iraqi ministry of trade obtained from the "registrar of companies" required in the same year.
3- The foreign companies with branches or bureaus in Iraq are requested to submit registration in the Iraqi trade ministry and ratified from (companies’ registrar office). Status notification should be obtained from the registrar of companies in Iraq through swift communications.
4- Iraqi companies and contractors should submit what confirms the barring of the ration card.
5- If offers are submitted by an agent company, the agency should be officially recognized by and holding certification
with live stamp of the manufacturer or mother companies and the Iraqi embassy in the country of agency .
6- Any authorized person should have documents that grant his authorization for tenders collection & submission of offers.
7- The required documents must be submitted before the purchasing of the tender so we can investigate about them. Tenderers could refer to Ministry of Oil web site ( to know all the instruction of submitting the offers tender and the technical specification for above mention tender, knowing that Gas Filling Company e-mail is ([email protected] ).
All bids will be put in bids box at Taji, the validity of the submitted offer must be at least (90) days.
* The bids shall be submitted to Gas Filling Company at 2 o’clock pm of 14/8/2011.

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