Three Firms Considered to Transport Iraq Fuel Oil to Jordan

A Jordanian transport company said on Sunday that it won the 'technical side' of a bid to transport 10,000 tons of fuel oil from Iraq to Jordan every day, within an agreement signed between the neighbouring countrries in 2006, according to the KUNA news agency.

Abdussalam Al-Theyabat, owner of the Theyabat Transport and Trading corporation, said his company and two others had passed the technical stage of the bid which included transportation of around 360,000 tons of heavy fuel oil every year from the Beiji [Bayji, Baiji] refinery in Iraq to the Aqaba Thermal station at the Red Sea.

Speaking to KUNA, Al-Theyabat said a government committee would soon open envelopes to see which company had offered the lowest price.

He explained that the heavy fuel oil would be used to generate electricity to replace Egyptian natural gas. Explosions at gas pipelines in the Egyptian border city of Al-Arish have increased Jordan's energy bill by 20 percent in 2011.

Iraq sells oil to Jordan with preferential prices, or USD 18 per barrel less than oil markets. Iraq also sells every ton of heavy fuel oil to Jordan with USD 88.

(Source: KUNA)

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