Baghdad to Provide 360 Local Generators

Baghdad provincial council announced on Thursday that it has allocated 50 billion Iraqi dinars ($40 million) from its budget to purchase 360 electricity generators to be distributed throughout the capital in order to reduce the acute shortage of energy, noting that these generators, with the help of civil generators, will provide 2200 MW for the capital.

AKnews reports that the provincial council began the distribution of 44 generators, with sizes from 50 to 500 KW, in various areas including Abu Ghoreib, Taji and Tarmiyah in the neighborhoods of Baghdad beside Karkh and Rusafa.

"The initial plan includes the distribution of 360 generators. Larger generators will be distributed to hospitals, water and sewer projects."

The Iraqi government announced last May that it will allocate $400 million to provide the owners of civil and government generators with free oil in order that they can commit themselves to run 12 hours a day, confirming that oil will be paid for by the Ministry of Finance or deducted from the imports of the oil ministry at the end of this year.

(Source: AKnews)

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