Committee to Demarcate Iran-Iraq Border

Iraq and Iran have agreed that the Iraqi committee for demarcation of borders between the two countries should complete its mission by the end of the year, according to AKnews.

Ahmed al-Shekhani, a member of the committee, told the agency that the related bodies agreed for the committee to assign landmarks on the border areas of Diyala, Missan [Maysan] and Wassit [Wasit] provinces.

The committee is also to settle the disputes over the common oil fields.

On Dec. 18, 2009 the Iranian forces crossed the border into Iraq and occupied al-Fekka oil field in eastern Maysan province; it took two months for the troops to withdraw.

The committee will start work on 4th September as it has overcome the technical issues it faced, after which a UN team will follow up.

The committee will work under the auspices of Iraqi Foreign Ministry. The work will not affect the area of the two countries, Mr. Shekhani added.

(Source: AKnews)


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