Kurdish Students Welcomed at UK Universities

Aiming to play their role in the transformation of Kurdistan into one of the most go-ahead regions of the Middle East, large numbers of students from the Kurdistan Region have been flocking to UK universities, backed by a scholarship programme.

The University of Huddersfield has enrolled 30 Kurds – for courses that range from computer studies and business to history and English – and this meant it was an ideal venue for two top politicians from the Kurdistan Regional Government when they came to the UK to meet up with Kurdish students from across the North of England.

The two men were Dr Amanj Saeed and Dr Govand Sherwani of Kurdistan’s Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. They were welcomed to the University of Huddersfield by its Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Peter Slee, and held talks with the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Bob Cryan. They also inspected many of the facilities at the University, including the forensics lab and the International Study Centre.

At the heart of the visit, though, was an in-depth discussion session with a group of Kurdish students at Huddersfield and other Northern universities. Later, there was a meeting between the two politicians and the Huddersfield contingent of Kurds.

Emerging strongly from the period when it was repressed by Saddam Hussein, Kurdistan now has a fully-fledged Regional Government and is forging important overseas links, with the UK being a major partner.

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