KRG Representation Attends UK Party Conferences

The Kurdistan Regional Government is for the seventh year running attending the annual conferences of the three main British political parties. This week Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, the Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) Representative to the UK, attended the Liberal Democrats party conference in Birmingham.

The Liberal Democrats have been in government for over a year and for the first time in decades. They formed a coalition government with the Conservatives after the general election of 2010 resulted in a hung parliament.

The KRG UK Representation attended a reception hosted by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Jeremy Browne, a Foreign and Commonwealth Office Minister, where the KRG team had the opportunity to discuss the stability and economic progress in the Kurdistan Region with British MPs, party members and diplomats from all over the world.

"Attending the annual party conferences allows us and other diplomats to get closer to the UK's main parties and to get a better insight into the issues that may lie ahead," said Ms Abdul Rahman. "It also gives us the opportunity to speak about Kurdistan and Iraq to British decision-makers. We are delighted with the warm welcome and interest in Kurdistan we saw from the Liberal Democrats."

At one of the receptions for diplomats and international visitors, the KRG UK Representation also met Turkey's Ambassador to the UK, Mr Ünal Çeviköz, who expressed his appreciation for President Barzani's role in strengthening relations with Turkey.

The KRG UK Representation over the next two weeks will attend the Conservative and Labour party conferences, where they will host fringe meetings to discuss the Arab Spring and how to build democracy in the Middle East. The speakers will include MPs, shadow ministers and journalists.

(Source: KRG)

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