Shipment of Personal Effects for UNGU Rotation between Nepal and Iraq

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Express Interest By:  Oct 15, 2011

Project Summary

The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) has a requirement for ROVISION OF SHIPMENT OF PERSONAL EFFECTS FOR UNGU ROTATION BETWEEN NEPAL AND IRAQI. 1. Services for shipment of unaccompanied luggage in connection to rotations for one year with optional extintion of Four (4) years one year at a time, service is expected to be performed every three (3) months and it will be from Nepal to Iraq, and from Iraq to Nepal, door to door basis. The total shipment is expected to be 1872 Kgs per rotation and for four rotations during the first year of the contract (Year-1) approximately 7488 Kgs. 2. The service should be executed by a qualified and experienced company, based on Scope of work (SOW), Specifications, Plans, UN General Conditions of contracts and other related documents which will be provided later on by UNAMI to qualified companies who express their interest and respond to this EOI accordingly. For this purpose, UNAMI will undertake a competitive bidding exercise shortly. 3. Please note on the following: a) This EOI is not an invitation for submission of a proposal. b) UNAMI reserves the right in selecting the invitees for the competitive bidding based on substantial and proven records of performance in the subject field of activities and mere expressing an interest would not automatically warrant for tender document. c) UNAMI reserves the right to reject EOI’s received after the above deadline

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