Iraq Infrastructure & Technology Event -- 18-20 Oct

Iraq has the fourth largest oil reserves in the world exporting approximately 96% for the country’s economy, in 2010 100’s of contracts were signed to develop Iraq’s oil and gas infrastructure and increase oil production. Over the last year contract holders have implemented intense geological surveying, drilling, well rehabilitation, security tightening and planning to develop Iraq’s oil and gas fields.

Iraq Mega projects 2011 will be taking place from the 18-20 October 2011 at the Ritz Carlton, Istanbul and will bring together senior Iraqi professionals, contract holders and the service industry themselves to discuss the progress made since the signing of the contracts, the challenges they have overcome and problems faced moving forward.

The Iraqi Deputy Oil Minister stated “projects would raise Iraq’s capacity to transform crude into fuels by 900,000 barrels a day.”

Looking in-depth at case studies contract holders will provide insight into their experiences and highlight future opportunities for the service industry. Featuring project led round table discussions contract holders including Statoil, ExxonMobil, Shell, Petronas, Sonangol, ENI and Lukoil will discuss opportunities in Iraq, their progress, challenges and problems faced.

A post conference Seminar will follow the main programme with a focus on the concepts and views of developing the value chain for the first time on Iraq including the Iraq Energy Strategy.

Iraq Mega Projects 2011 industry support to date Includes: Caterpillar, Iratrac, Unatrac, Emerson, Lakeshore TolTest, Olive Group, ExxonMobil, Statoil, Total, Oxy, Techint, OIEC, ACT, Exterran, Unaoil Group and Petronas.

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