Sulaimaniya to Improve Food Security with New Silos

The governorate of Sulaimaniya is planning to build five grain silos by the end of 2012, according to Hama-Hussein Hama-Saeed, deputy general director at the Kurdistan trade ministry.

AKnews reports that the silos, worth $116 million (138 billion Iraqi dinars), will have a capacity of 240,000 tons of grain.

"With these silos, we'll be able to preserve the grain and protect it against natural disasters," Bestun Sheikh Ahmed, deputy director of Sulaimaniya Silo said.

Three of the new grain storage facilities will be built this year:

  • in Piramagrun, a suburb of Sulaimaniya (holding 80,000 tons);
  • in Barlut, a suburb of Kalar (40,000 tons); and,
  • in Chwarqurna, a suburb of Ranya (40,000 tons).

Two other facilities in Said Sadiq and Chamchamal (with 40,000 tons capacity each) will be built next year.

(Source: AKnews)

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