Architectural Design Consultant Build Capacity in the Process of Design and Provide a Schematic Design Proposal for the Thi Qar Branch Office of the State Pension Fund in Iraq

The World Bank has approved a US$5.8 million Grant to the Ministry of Finance and National Board of Pensions of Iraq to support the Pension Reform Implementation Support Technical Assistance (PRISTA). The objectives of the Grant are threefold: (i) in the short-term, to support GOI in implementing the provisions of the new Pensions Law (Law # 27/2006); (ii) in the medium-term, to support the unification of the public and private pension schemes; and (iii) in the long-term, to support the development of long-term old-age income strategy for Iraq. The Grant will finance the following five components: (1) Develop Capacity to Implement the Pension Law; (2) Support the development of Actuarial and Pension Policy Analysis Capacity for the Iraqi State Pension Fund; (3) Contribute to the improvement of the Physical Infrastructure of the Iraqi National Board of Pensions; (4) Support the unification of the Mandatory Pension Provisions in Iraq; and (5) Facilitate the development of Long-Term National Old-Age Income Protection Strategy for Iraq. 

While the Ministry of Finance (MOF) is the Recipient of the Grant, the National Board of Pension (NBP) is its Beneficiary, and the Grant will be executed by the World Bank. The World Bank will be responsible for hiring and supervising consultants, approving (in coordination with the NBP) consultants outputs, and organizing implementation support workshops. All activities will be implemented for the benefit of, and in collaboration with MOF and NBP.

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