Supply and Delivery of Bottled Drinking Water for a Period of One Year, with an Option to Extend Additional Two Years

UNAMI EOI – Supply and Delivery of Bottled Drinking Water for a period of one year, with an option to extend additional two years, one year at a time at UNAMI’s discretion and subject to performance UNAMI HQ, Basra, IRAQ. The successful contractor shall provide drinking water in accordance with the quality standards. Drinking water is defined as either ‘water’ intended for human consumption and contains no added ingredients or ‘mineral water’ containing less than 250 parts per million (ppm) total dissolved solids (tds). The water shall be contained in hermetically sealed PET plastic containers of 500 ml volume.

The bottles shall be encased in sealed cardboard / carton twelve litre (12) cases, then palletized and cling-film wrapped for easy transportation and storage. This packaging allows for better protection of the water while in transit from load shift and in storage from sunlight. All bottles are to be stamped with Production Date and Expiry date. Water should have a minimum of nine (9) months ‘life’ before expiry. Approximate total liters required in Basra in Iraq 61,000.00 litres per annum. For this purpose, UNAMI will undertake a competitive bidding exercise shortly, accordingly would issue Invitation to Bid (ITB) with detailed specifications to those companies who would express their interest and provide initial relevant information as to their ability to fulfill UNAMI’s requirement.

Please note the following:

• This EOI is not a request for submission of Bids.

• UNAMI reserves the right in selecting the invitees for the competitive bidding based on substantial and proven records of performance in the subject field of activities and mere expressing an interest would not automatically warrant for ITB document.

• UNAMI reserves the right to reject EOIs received after October 23, 2011.

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