University of Dubai wins $500,000 Grant to Improve Iraqi Unis

In addition to the accreditation assessment, UD will help AMUC and the University of Baghdad (UB), the world’s second largest Arab university, to improve internship and career opportunities for their graduates. The University of Dubai’s two-year plan will establish a Center for Internship, Scholarship and Career Development for AMUC and UB, as well as plan for a Center of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity.

Dr. Rao, who was integral in obtaining the grant from USAID, said it is an opportunity to help the country rebuild and strengthen the region’s foundation in business. USAID is an independent agency of the United States government that is aiding in the reconstruction of Iraq.

“Unless education is improved [in Iraq], the quality of economic development will not exist,” said Dr. Rao.

Dr. Hefni , Dr. Rao and UD Dean of Business, Prof. Mohamed Ibrahim, will make an initial trip to Baghdad on November 22. A team comprised of UD faculty will make 10 subsequent trips to work with Iraqi faculty and help implement the plan.

(Source: University of Dubai)

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