Schlumberger Reports on Iraq Operations

As part of its third quarter earnings results, Schlumberger has issued the following statements on its operations in Iraq:

  • In Iraq, Wireline MSCT* mechanical sidewall coring technology has been deployed on two exploration wells. Core recovery in the tight and fractured carbonate reservoirs was 100% for each job and the cores will yield the petrophysical properties needed to evaluate these difficult reservoirs accurately. The information will be integrated with other log data for better reservoir characterization and to subsequently design optimal testing and completion programs.
  • Also in Iraq, Techlog* petrophysical analysis software has been introduced on a project on the Siba field to provide an independent evaluation on three wells as a first step to evaluate future exploration wells and build the reservoir simulation model. The workscope includes recommendations for further data acquisition and technical work, which will help reduce uncertainties in future field development plans. The project was conducted jointly by Data & Consulting Services and Schlumberger Information Solutions.
  • Elsewhere in Iraq, Schlumberger has been awarded a new contract by PETRONAS Carigali. The PETRONAS contract covers well testing services for the Garraf field appraisal and development program that includes two exploration and nine development wells.
  • In Iraq, Gazprom Neft Badra, B.V. has awarded Schlumberger a 3-year contract for well construction services covering 11 wells and requiring 3 drilling rigs. The contract includes technologies from IPM, Bits & Advanced Technologies, Drilling & Measurements, Geoservices, M-I SWACO, Wireline and Well Services, as well as the supply of third-party drilling rigs, coring, casing and well heads.
  • In Iraq, as part of IPM operations on the Rumaila field for the Rumaila Operating Organization, Drilling & Measurements PowerPak* ERT high-performance steerable motors have been deployed in combination with Smith ONYX* PDC drill bits and M-I SWACO drilling fluids to drill the geologically challenging 8 1/2-in hole section. This was drilled in one run, with no service quality incidents, at a rate of penetration that reached section total depth three days ahead of plan.

(Source: Schlumberger)

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