Drive Square will Exhibit Driving Simulators in Basra

Drive Square, Inc. will showcase its driving simulation training system at the November 25-28 Basra Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition in Iraq.

Middle East distributor EMDS will represent Drive Square during the Conference.

CEO and Founder of Drive Square, Konstantin Sizov, said EMDS, with its strong background in driver and security training, is the perfect partner for our Middle East efforts. “I am thrilled that EMDS CEO, Wael Mubarak, is on our team as the exclusive distributor of our simulator system in the Arabic Middle East Region,” he said. “His many years of experience are of great value to us as we customize our product for customers in that region.”

EMDS has offices in Egypt and Lebanon and has designed custom Egypt/Cairo driving scenarios for the Drive Square Driving Simulator. Simulators with the custom scenarios have been sold and are being used by PepsiCo in Cairo.

EMDS is currently working on the design of Iraqi scenarios. According to Wael Mubarak, “We also provide on-site training services using driving simulators, as well as technical support and train-the-trainer services for larger organizations. We offer a full range of services to our customers in Arabic.”

Mubarak went on to say, “Oil companies are in need of driver training products in the Basra region as it is being reconstructed and more local drivers are hired to operate expensive vehicles/equipment for the oil companies. We believe our simulators can help to meet those needs and we look forward to demonstrating the Drive Square simulator at the upcoming Basra exhibition.”

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