Iranian Company to Develop Iraqi Railways

Iraq's Transport Ministry has agreed in principle to award the business to develop and maintain its damaged railway system to with 'Vadi Albar' company, reports AKnews.

The agreement comes after extensive talks between the state-owned Railways Company and Vadi Albar in Iran about the revival of Iraq's railway system and the maintenance of 219 trains damaged in successive wars in the country.

"The principal agreement focuses on the formation of a joint operations chamber to identify the number of damaged trains and the costs of their maintenance" said Jawad al-Hersan, chief spokesperson for the state-owned Railway Company.

Total annual revenues of the railway system in Iraq is less than IQD12 billion (about $10 million), according to AKnews, while the government spends IQD72 billion (about US$60 million) on salaries of employees of the railway system.

(Source: AKnews)

[Picture: Musayyab – Karbala railway]

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