LG Electronics Participates in Erbil International Fair

LG Electronics has participated in the 7th edition of the Erbil International Fair, which was held from the 24th until the 27th of October, in the presence of 950 participating companies from 25 countries around the world.

LG was one of the Fair's biggest participants, where its sales team showcased a series of products covering all sectors, such as home entertainment systems, mobile communications, ACs and energy solutions among other products.

Mr. Kevin Cha, LG Electronics Levant Managing Director, commented on the importance of participating in such a fair saying:

"LG is considered one of the biggest operating companies in Iraq, as the country represents a big portion of LG's market share in the Levant. This is due to the high demand for our products in Iraq; so, we are working vigorously to provide the most modern, top-tier products and international technologies for this pulsating market."

Cha further stressed that LG Iraq will continue to participate in such exhibitions and trade fairs, in order to further strengthen its presence in the Iraqi market, and to fulfill all kinds of consumers' demands, as those are considered valuable opportunities that are suitable for investment in the Kurdistan region, in order to exchange expertise between local and international companies.


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