J2 Aircraft Dynamics wins $170k Iraq Contract

UK-based aerospace design, analysis and modelling software solutions company j2 Aircraft Dynamics Ltd has announced it has won a $170,000 contract with the Ministry of Science and Technology in Iraq to provide them with an aircraft design lab in Iraq and associated training and education over a 2 week course in the UK.

Paul Jenkins, Senior VP at j2 said:

The aircraft design and evaluation landscape is changing. The major players no longer have the time or resources to continue writing code to provide answers. The j2 Universal Tool kit software is uniquely positioned, being able to use the legacy code which designers trust but then opening up a powerful analytical and evaluation environment requiring no code to be written. This is proving to be a powerful capability which is winning us many global supporters.

Jenkins continued:

The future for our business is looking very positive as more global players adopt the j2 Universal Tool Kit software into their design process. The idea of them not having to write more code but still using the legacy code they trust within a powerful analytical and modelling software suite is winning us some serious support.

(Source: Arabian Aerospace)

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