EODT Receives Iraqi Mine Action Accreditation

EOD Technology, Inc. (EODT), a leader in stability operations support services worldwide, has received its Mine Action accreditation from Iraq’s Ministry of Environment. With this accreditation in place, EODT will expand its current operating footprint in Iraq to support the country’s infrastructure reconstruction and development initiatives.

EODT has been operating in Iraq continuously since 2003 providing munitions management, security services, and information technology solutions in support of government programs. As the country begins to re-establish its oil and gas infrastructure, EODT will play a key role by offering quality mine action services that combine safety, efficiency, and environmental stewardship.

“EODT is a preeminent mine action company and specializes in clearing mines, unexploded ordnance, and battlefields in austere environments around the world,” said Matt Kaye, president and CEO of EODT.

“By performing these services in Iraq, we will support the country’s development and increase the safety of civilians and others by clearing lands contaminated by explosive remnants of war.”

In addition, the company maintains a long-standing commitment to improving the communities in which they operate. EODT focuses on capacity building to add value to projects and generate socioeconomic benefits for the local populace. Inherent in EODT’s mine action operations, the company supports socioeconomic growth by employing a local workforce and transferring knowledge to its local workforce.

(Source: EOD Technology)

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