Basra Council Approves New Investment Commission

Basra's Provincial Council has approved a new board of directors for the Basra Investment Commission (BIC), according to AKnews.

Council Chairman Sabah al-Bazouni (pictured) told the news agency that the council endorsed two public sector candidates, Aladdin Tahir Najem and Basil Abbas Ali, and three private sector candidates: Mazen Dakhel Abed al-Zahra, Adel Abdul-Amir Laftah and Majid al-Faisal Silawi.

"We hope the board of directors will help improve the province's economic situation and bring it up to Iraq's more developed cities by providing a favorable investment environment."

The chairman of BIC, Khalaf Badran, told AKnews that the formation of the new council will enhance the Commission's efforts, and improve its work in promoting the economic situation of the province.

(Source: AKnews)

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