Bombs Hit Iraqi Oil Pipeline

According to various sources, either two or three bombs hit a crude oil pipeline in Iraq's southern oilfields leading to storage tanks around Basra.

The impact on oil production or exports was not immediately clear, but the deputy head of the Basra provincial council, Ahmed al-Sulaiti, said firefighters were still battling the fire late on Tuesday.

An oil police source told Reuters, "the explosions happened in succession and caused an enormous fire ... We cannot go near the explosion site because the fire is still raging ... we fear the fire might extend to other nearby oil pipelines."

The source said the oil police were checking other pipelines for more bombs.

The pipeline was reported to be carrying crude to the Zubair 1 storage facility near Basra.

In early June, militants blew up a storage tank at the Zubair 1 storage facility, despite tight security.

(Source: Associated Press, Reuters, Sky)

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