Qualtra the Authorized Agent for Soler & Palau in Iraq

Soler & Palau, the leading Spanish company specialized in ventilation, announced the appointment of Quality Trading Company, Qualtra, as the authorized and only distributor in Iraq for their products that include both industrial and domestic ventilation.

The partnership was signed during an official ceremony that was held on Oct 27th in Murica, Spain, between S&P represented by the Area Sales Manager-Middle East, Mr. Jordi Canet and Qualtra represented by its Vice President for Business Development, Mr. Elie Abou Yaghi. The ceremony was attended by participants of the Arab-Spanish Investment Forum organized by Al Iktissad-Wal-Aamal Group and Grand Aurum Marketing.

Cameras flashed and guests applauded, as the two parties signed the distribution agreement solidifying their efforts in the Iraqi market. Mr. Canet summarized the event: “S&P has a clear vision towards expansion and we are confident in our partnership with Qualtra and more confident that it will be one of accuracy, customer focus and quality. We are off to a good start with our business in Iraq“.

From Qualtra’s side, Mr. Abou Yaghi commented saying: “This agreement marks another step in the ambitious expansion of S&P and a new milestone for Qualtra aiming at providing the construction sector in Iraq with state-of-the-art products in response to the rising potential and development projects in the area”.

Abou Yaghi also added: “Qualtra not only has a reputation for supplying superior brands to the major construction projects throughout Iraqi Market, it is also a company that values quality in all aspects thus being selective in choosing our partners. And as we are aware that ventilation is a very critical element of construction, it was strategic for us to choose to partner with the market leader in this area.” And commented; “Qualtra is aiming to complete its products range and is currently negotiating agreements with premiere brands to offer its clients in Iraq sanitaryware lines as well”.

Soler & Palau is a ventilation giant focusing on improvement through timely innovations. As a world leader, S&P integrates technologies and design into ventilation solutions, armed with an innovative team and commitment to research and development. In that aspect, S&P developed silent jet fans and the jet fans specially made for carparks and tunnels that tolerate heat up to 400 degrees celsius for 2 hours. S&P currently has more than 80 patented products and technologies including the silent bathroom fan, in-line mixed flow like TD.

It is worth mentioning that since its establishment, Qualtra is expanding its scope of work through presenting many international brands such as LeGrand, Ariston and Rubi to meet the different market demands.

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