Unemployment "Hits One Million"

Unemployment in Iraq has reached one million, according to a report from AKnews.

Dara Hasan, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, told the agency:

"We are working on a plan to bring the level of unemployment down. There are 13 new laws ready to be issued which will protect and stabilized employees' rights in both private and public sector."

He added: "Due to a high level of unemployment in Iraq the government will recruit more than 150,000 people. But we do not relay solely on government job creation but also the private sector."

Hassan believes small and medium sized loans for individuals and companies will somehow boost employment in the private sector however he provided AKnews with no data to substantiate this or any details on the size of the loans.

The report seems to contradict previous reports that the official unemployment rate was running at around 15%. The CIA's 2009 figures show a labour force of 8.5 million; 15% of this would be about 1.3 million.

(Source: AKnews)

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