Iraq is Open, and the Opportunities are Unlimited

The opportunities are unlimited”, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki told the audience at the Chamber of Commerce in Washington on Tuesday.

He was leading a high-level business delegation to the US as President Obama welcomed back some of the last of the American troops to pull out of Iraq.

Our goal is simply to make sure that Iraq succeeds”, Obama said at a news conference with Maliki after their meeting.

And with America lagging behind countries such as France and Turkey in its commercial engagement with Iraq, Sami Al-Araji, chairman of the country’s National Investment Commission, said next year would be a “real test for the economic relationship between our two countries ... there is very big room for [American companies] to return to the Iraqi market”.

Iraq is open, Iraq is capable of offering the services you want and it’s not as bad as you see it on television”, he added.

The withdrawal of US troops is a key milestone on Iraq's journey, but it's clear that the US and other international powers will continue to help Iraq towards prosperity.

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