India's new Ambassador to Iraq Visits Kurdistan

Both sides also discussed recent developments in Baghdad and the wider region, and they agreed that the President’s call for a national conference in Kurdistan would be a helpful first step toward calming the political crisis that is threatening Iraq’s stability.

In a separate meeting with Ambassador Reddy, the Head of the KRG’s Foreign Relations Minister Falah Mustafa discussed Kurdistan’s openness to the international community and highlighted its generous investment law and economic policies, commenting on how they have helped attract considerable foreign direct investment over the past several years.

“Kurdistan is open for business, and we strongly believe in supporting the private sector as it plays a vital role in enhancing our economy,” he said. The Minister also expressed his hope that an Indian government and business delegation would come to the Kurdistan Region to participate in a two-day economic forum with Kurdish companies in the near future.

Speaking of potential coordination in the sector of higher education, the Ambassador said, “There are many private Indian schools that have gone international, and we hope that we can partner with Kurdistan to support its development, whether it be in education, medicine, vocational training, agriculture or other sectors.” Some Kurdish students are already pursuing higher education in India, and both sides agreed to work together to increase their numbers in the future, particularly through the KRG’s Human Capacity Development Programme.

During his visit the Indian Ambassador toured Erbil and met members of the Indian community in Kurdistan and several other KRG officials, including the Minister of Planning Dr Ali Sindi, the Minister of Health Dr Taher Hawrami and the Governor of Erbil, Mr Nawzad Hadi.

(Source: KRG)

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