Qtel Group Provides Diabetic Alerts in Iraq

Diabetics in Kuwait, Iraq and Palestine can now use their mobile phones to receive personalized alerts and information on exercise and diet, thanks to a new mHealth service being offered by Qtel Group companies there. Qtel Group will soon be offering this service in other countries where it is present.

Representatives from the Qtel Group and from some of the world's most innovative companies recently met in Qatar to discuss such innovations to mobile healthcare as well as how mobile phone technology can be used to support key healthcare goals across the region.

Collaborating with the global mobile association, the GSMA, the Qtel Group is organising a series of workshops on the subject of "mHealth", as part of a wider series of international events held with the mHealth Alliance, a campaign to champion the use of mobile technologies to improve health throughout the world. Mobile health, or "mHealth," is a term used for the practice of medicine using wireless devices, such as mobile phones, PDAs and remote monitoring devices, to improve patient care.

Global studies have shown that involving mobile devices in the practice of healthcare can have an immediate and significant impact. In remote locations and for rural communities, it can provide a vital link to physicians and healthcare advisors. In major cities, it can deliver incredible savings. US operator Verizon estimates, according to reports, that mobile broadband can improve health care productivity in the US to the tune of $6.9bn, which could increase nearly eight-fold by 2016.

Hosted at the W Doha hotel, representatives from across Qtel's Group of companies gathered together to gain a greater understanding on the dynamics of the health industry and how operators can make a difference to both patients and societies worldwide.

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