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Iraq Business News is delighted to bring you the latest Market Tracker report from Dunia Frontier Consultants.

In This Report:

Companies Mentioned:

  • DNO, Exxon, Genel Energy, Gulf Keystone, WesternZagros

Action Calls

  • Maliki on way to de facto majority government

Stability in government, but watch Kurds for Exxon, future of oil in both Kurdistan and Iraq.

  • Genel Energy to buy Longford's Chia Surkh oil stake

Genel continues consolidation drive in Kurdistan.

  • Exxon payments deliberately delayed?

Distraction. Don't watch this - watch Kurds and Maliki.


  • Confusion surrounding Issawi “assassination attempt”

Maliki not likely behind this. Unfortunately, just de rigueur in Anbar.

  • Multiple explosions rock Baghdad

Unfortunately, not unexpected: recent uptick in violence explainable as annual attack on Shiites during Ashura and Arbaeen.


  • January - Kurdish statements, continuing Maliki cabinet appointments

Watch the noise coming out of Erbil for an indication of how the Kurds' discussion with Maliki's government over regional rights is shaping up. This will be the prime indicator of the future of Kurdish autonomy over oil and territory, and therefore the future of oil contracts within Kurdistan and Iraq in general. Secondly, with the parliamentary crisis subsiding, look for Maliki to clean up his cabinet with appointments moving his rivals out of, and his allies into, key roles. However, don't expect a walkover for him, as the Sadrists' turning down Finance in favor of the existing Minister (and sometime Iraqiya PM) Issawi indicates that Maliki is being watched by his coalition in these appointments. (Which by the way is a good sign for the maintenance of plurality and minority rights in Iraqi government.)

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