Iraq to use Chinese Surveillance Systems

Iraqi authorities plan to install about 250,000 surveillance cameras in Baghdad in an attempt to reduce insurgent attacks in the capital, according to AKnews.

The Chairman of the the Security Committee of Baghdad's provincial council, Abdul Karim al-Tharb, told AKnews that the council has allocated about 10 billion Iraqi dinars (about US$8 million) to the installation of the security systems, and that “the relevant authorities are in talks with a number of Chinese companies to start working on the project”.

The authorities in Baghdad will also establish a Control Center to monitor all activities in the capital.

“Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki had discussed this issue with the Chinese companies in his latest visit to the country and had came to terms on a preliminary agreement about it… but local companies will be involved in the implementation of the project as well” al-Tharb said.

Al-Maliki visited China in July last year where he signed a number of cooperation agreement with the Chinese Premier.

(Source: AKnews)

(Photo credit: Hustvedt)

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