Turkish Bid to Build Schools in Basra

The head of the One Stop Shop Department in Basra Investmetnt Commission (BIC), Eng. Jalal Al- Noori, announced that the Turkish company Visalr has submitted an investment project to build private schools in Basra.

He said the education sector is a top priority for the BIC, and that Basra has suitable lands allocated for such projects. He pointed out that BIC is ready to support the project and provide facilities, adding that the BIC has coordinated with the relative bodies to get the required approvals and grant the project an investment licence.

The manager of the company, Rasheed Kajman, said during the meeting that his company has investment projects in Kurdistan since 1994 and has relevant projects in Kirkuk, Duhok and Baghdad.

He added that the project, which is called Ishq Al- Basra, includes the construction of schools for about 600 students.

(Source: Basra Investmetnt Commission)

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