Aras Publishers First to Use ISBN in Iraq

Aras Publishers will be the first company in Iraq to use the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) system and professionally enter the international book market, according to AKnews.

Bedran al-Habeeb, chairman of the printing company and AKnews, headquartered in Erbil, announced that 10 book titles will be published with an ISBN barcode by the end of this month.

An Arabic translation of A People Without a Country: The Kurds of Kurdistan by French author Gerard Chaliand will be the very first book published with an ISBN identification.

Most websites will only sell books that have an ISBN - a unique 13 digit numeric code used to identify books in any format such as paper, hardback, audio CD or e-book.

Aras publishers, whose mission statement is A route to dignity, claims to be the only publisher in Iraq to follow copyrighting laws.

"Without an agreement we do not publish books from others. It is important to protect the rights of writers and to be a clean business with dignity", said Habeeb.

(Source: AKnews)

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