Arab Summit Memories: the Good, the Bad and the Luxury

For some, last week’s Arab League summit was a dream come true; for others, it was a traffic, business and security nightmare. according to this article from NIQASH.

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Praise and criticism has been flying ever since - as have rumours about cell phone censorship and why the waiters wore Italian suits.

Last week the “Iraqi dream” came true. At least, that is, if one is to believe the organizers of the Arab League summit, held in Baghdad last week. They said that the summit was incredibly successful simply because it brought together representatives of all the Arab states in the League in Baghdad for the first time in over two decades – with the exception of Syria, of course, whose membership has been suspended due to ongoing violence there.

Additionally the summit was also attended by United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and former Turkish diplomat, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, now the Secretary-general of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, a body that aims to encourage cooperation between nations that are mostly Muslim.

“The summit was able to bring Iraq out of isolation and put the country back on the map,” Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said – this was after years of isolation brought about, firstly, by the policies of former dictator Saddam Hussein and then through the US occupation of Iraq.

“The Iraqi government succeeded in organizing this regional summit and it was able to handle all of the security, organizational and administrative aspects. It was even capable of handling the political aspects efficiently. By all standards, the summit was a huge success,” Zebari enthused. “We’ve passed a very difficult test with flying colours.”

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