President Barzani Discusses Political Crisis with US Ambassador

President Barzani yesterday welcomed US Ambassador to Iraq James Jeffery and Chief of the Office of Security Cooperation-Iraq General Robert Caslen in Salahaddin to discuss the current political crisis facing Iraq.

Both sides underlined the importance of urgently resolving the current crisis through constitutional means and by respecting the existing agreements between the political blocs. They also emphasized the need for genuine power-sharing and expressed their support for any decision that Iraqis may take within the framework of the constitution.

President Barzani shed light on the recent meetings and consultation he held in Erbil with a number of other Iraqi leaders. He stated that the only threat to Iraq’s unity is dictatorship.

On the recent security developments in certain disputed areas, General Caslen talked about efforts to convene a meeting of the Iraqi army, the Peshmerga forces and representatives from the US Embassy security cooperation office, to address the security challenges facing those areas.

(Source: KRG)

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