Afren Updates on Kurdistan Operations

In its Interim Management Statement this morning, oil explorer Afren gave the following update on its operations in Iraqi Kurdistan:

Barda Rash

Having received all necessary approvals of the Field Development Plan (FDP) for Barda Rash during November 2011, the Company has commenced the development programme that will initially target approximately 500 million barrels of light recoverable oil out of the independently assessed 1.43 billion barrels total recoverable volume.

Phase I development work is focused on the existing BR-1, BR-2 and BR-3 wells that have been drilled at the field to date. The three wells will be sequentially re-entered, worked over, tested, completed and bought onstream. The wells will be tied back to a modular Early Production Facility that is being installed at the central BR-1 well location. Assembly of the Romfor 23 rig has been completed at the BR-1 well location, and final preparations are being made to re-enter the well.

The Company is on track to commence production at Barda Rash by August, and expects all three wells to be onstream and producing at a rate of between 10,000 bopd to 15,000 bopd by year end. Acquisition of a comprehensive block wide 3D seismic survey has also commenced and is progressing well. The objective of the survey is to provide additional data that will assist in future development planning and well placement combined with enhancement of the Company's understanding of fracture zone distribution.

Post completion of this initial phase, the Company will commence the drilling and completion of multiple new development wells with the intention of increasing production to a planned trucking capacity of 35,000 bopd and ultimately to a targeted 125,000 bopd by 2017. Following this, the Company will focus on the development and production of the heavier oil resources, which will offer further large scale production growth.

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