Investment Commission Website Hijacked

It might not seem so important in a country faced with such major post-conflict challenges, but getting the basics of communication right should be a necessary function of any government department or state agency.

A key element of communication has to be the website, but it is remarkable how many Iraqi government websites are out of date or even expired; to take just two examples, the Iraqi Parliament website's English pages have not been updated for nearly three years, while the Petroleum Contracts Licensing Directorate (PCLD) has let its domain registration elapse.

But even more embarrassingly this week, the website of the Basra Investment Commission was hijacked by foreign political group, whose name we will not mention as we don't want to help their publicity effort; having broadcast the group's propaganda, the site is currently "down for maintenance".

Instead of the ubiquitous animated graphics and analogue clock, those in charge of public sector websites should aim to provide clear, understandable and reliable information to Iraqis and foreigners alike.

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