Maliki Seeks World Bank Help to Reduce Dependence on Oil

The Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, received a delegation on Monday from the World Bank, headed by its Regional Director Mr. Hedi Larbi.

During the meeting, Maliki called on the World Bank to support Iraq by sharing experience and providing training for the Iraqis that will contribute to the planning and management of the Iraqi economy and to the development in various sectors.

He also said that Iraq's economy should not be exclusively dependent on oil revenues. "We should work on investment and seek to develop other sectors in order to reach diversified and stable economy that is not affected by oil prices. Thus, we must stimulate other sectors such as agriculture, industry and tourism", Maliki said in a statement.

Mr. Larbi expressed the willingness of the World Bank to provide Iraq's needs, including training and expertise in order to build a solid and strong economy, emphasizing Iraq's ability to develop its economy and to benefit from oil revenues in diversifying the economy.

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