Improving The Environment For Iraqi Media

In order to create an enabling environment for a free and vibrant press, DRL seeks to fund a two-year program to support the creation of legal and regulatory frameworks for media consistent with international standards of press freedom. The program should engage a wide array of stakeholders in government and civil society in the analysis of existing and draft laws and regulations, and advocacy for reforms. The program should include partnership with local media advocacy groups to monitor the implementation of these laws and the state of media freedoms in Iraq. The program must address the following categories of legislation: freedom of information; freedom of expression; freedom of assembly; copyright laws; information and communication technology; laws regulating journalism or journalists; and laws and regulations governing the Communications and Media Commission (CMC).Proposals must demonstrate the applicant?s ability to engage on media issues with relevant stakeholders, including the Government of Iraq (GOI), the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), relevant committees within the Council of Representatives (COR) and Kurdistan Parliament of Iraq (KPI), media outlets and journalists, media advocacy groups and civil society organizations. Organizations may request between $1,200,000 and $1,500,000. Organizations wishing to collaborate may apply as a consortium.

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