US Dep Sec of State Meets Iraqi Acting Min of Defense

On Wednesday, May 23, Deputy Secretary of State William Burns met with Iraqi Acting Minister of Defense Saadoun al-Dulaymi (pictured), at the Department of State to discuss issues of mutual interest and our shared commitment towards a long-term partnership under the Strategic Framework Agreement.

Minister Dulaymi is in Washington leading the Iraqi delegation for inaugural meetings of the Defense and Security Joint Coordinating Committee between the United States and the Government of Iraq. Deputy Secretary Burns noted the importance of these meetings as an excellent mechanism to build the Iraqi-U.S. mutual commitment to an enduring security partnership under a civilian-led process.

The meeting also covered bilateral issues on the security and political fronts and the Deputy Secretary offered our continued support as Iraq strengthens its democratic institutions and enhances the capacity of its security forces to bring greater stability and prosperity to its people. On Iraqi political issues, the two discussed the importance of resolving differences through dialogue and compromise and in a democratic fashion in accordance with the Iraqi constitution.

The Deputy Secretary expressed appreciation to Minister Dulaymi for Iraq’s willingness to host the E3+3 (P5+1) meetings in Baghdad and noted that, following the successful hosting of the Arab Summit in March, it is another sign of Iraq taking a constructive role in the region and with the international community to reach shared goals of greater regional stability. Deputy Burns assured Minister Dulaymi that the United States would continue to support Iraq in its effort to strengthen ties with its regional neighbors.

(Source: US State Department)

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