US - Iraq Joint Coordinating Cmte on Defense and Security

The United States also reaffirmed its commitment to advancing Iraq’s stability through the training, equipping, and enhancing the capacity of Iraq’s armed forces for defense against external threats and for counterterrorism.

Both sides discussed ongoing and future security assistance. In addition to an initial purchase of 18 F-16 aircraft in September 2011, during the meetings the Government of Iraq reconfirmed its interest in purchasing a second set of 18 F-16s and the United States reconfirmed its commitment to the sale. The F-16s and other military equipment will help protect Iraq’s sovereignty, meet legitimate defense needs and symbolize the long-term security partnership envisioned by both countries.

The United States commends the Iraqi Security Forces for their demonstrated capability to protect the Iraqi people and recognizes the continued sacrifice being made to ensure Iraq’s security. The Iraqi Security Forces have made great strides in stabilizing the security situation in Iraq and in facilitating Iraq’s emergence as a strategic partner that promotes and contributes to regional security.

The United States and the Government of Iraq agreed that the next meeting of the Defense and Security JCC will be hosted by Iraq in Baghdad this fall. The purpose of the second meeting will be to build upon the foundation laid out this week, and continue discussions on strengthening defense and security cooperation as part of the multifaceted relationship developed between the United States and the Government of Iraq.

(Source: US State Department)

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