Most of Kurdistan's 2012 Investment is in Erbil

Since the beginning of this year most of the investment in Iraqi Kurdistan has taken place in Erbil, according to figures from the Kurdistan's Investment Board.

AKnews reports that the Kurdistan Region's total volume of investment in the "first period" of this year was $3.1bn (3.6 trillion Iraqi dinars), but does not break this down by province.

It does, however, cite "trade volume" figures for Erbil of $1.5bn (1.7 trillion Iraqi dinars), Sulaymaniah of $361m (419 billion Iraqi dinars), and Duhok of $1.2bn (1.3 trillion Iraqi dinars).

In the same period, 76 businesses were given investment permits. Of this figure, 67 permits were given to local businesses.

(Source: AKnews)

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