Dunia Weekly Iraq Market Tracker

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Iraq Business News is delighted to bring you the latest Iraq Market Tracker report from Dunia Frontier Consultants. The market tracker highlights the activities and market performance of a basket of publicly traded firms who derive a significant percentage of their revenues from operations in Iraq, but are traded on foreign exchanges: a proxy Iraq play as much as practicable. It also identifies and analyzes the primary political and security events that occur in country that have market-moving implications.

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Companies Mentioned:

DNO, Dragon Oil, Genel, Kuwait Energy, Inpex, Lukoil, Pakistan Petroleum, Shell, Turkish Petroleum, WesternZagros

Action Calls:

  • 4th Round Auction fails to impress: Will failure lead to convergence or divergence between Kurdish and central government approaches to oil and gas?
  • WesternZagros mulling London listing: Critical mass of Kurdish plays may be emerging in London.


  • Sadr invites Maliki to Najaf, only to be rejected: No-confidence rhetoric takes on fevered pitch.
  • Barzani: Peshmerga to be unified by end of the year: Long time coming, but timely now, given debate with Baghdad.
  • Turkish consulate protesters dissipate: Potential indicator of Baghdad's, and possibly Erbil's, relations with Ankara.

Calendar Events Discussed:

  • June 15 - Parliament returns from 6 week break

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