Oryx Engineering Solution Centre Officially Opens

Oryx Engineering Solutions (OES) is pleased to announce the official inauguration of the 1st of its kind fully integrated end-to-end engineering solutions service center, based in the heart of Ras Laffan in State of Qatar.

The Centre was officially inaugurated, on behalf of H.E. Dr. Mohammed Bin Saleh Al-Sada, the Minister of Energy & Industry and Chairman of Qatar Petroleum by Mr. Abdulaziz Jassim Al-Muftah, the Director of Ras Laffan Industrial City which is a department of Qatar Petroleum. The inauguration was attended by more than 200 senior government officials and decision makers from International Oil & Gas companies and Qatari energy companies.

The fully privately owned facility which covers an area of 14,000m2 is now able to support the rapidly changing, evolving and demanding needs of the Middle East and Africa’s energy sectors including oil and gas, power and water, petrochemical, industrial and marine.

To further validate Oryx Engineering Solution`s compelling and unique value proposition, three Joint Venture partnerships were also announced during the ceremony:

ABB Oryx Motors & Generators Service LLC (ABB Oryx M&G), a joint venture between Oryx and ABB, the leading power and automation technology group. ABB Oryx M&G will provide a full suite of motor and generator services to customers with operations in the oil, gas, water and energy sectors in Qatar and the surrounding Gulf and sub-Sahara African regions.

AESSEAL Oryx LLC: The fourth largest manufacturer of mechanical seals in the world AESSEAL has joined forces with Oryx to repair, refurbish, serve, supply and support all the engineering needs of mechanical and dry gas seals.

Transcar Projects Qatar LLC: The globally renowned project and logistics solution provider Transcar Projects which has played an instrumental role in the core logistics delivery component of the Pearl GTL project, has entered a joint venture partnership with Oryx to offer door-to-door services beyond logistics and project freight forwarding across MEA. The partnership allows Oryx to offer its clients a full 360° service from managing some of the most daunting transportation requirements for heavy oil and gas components and equipment and equally.

This new progressively customized facility – which has a built up area close to 10,500m2 of workshops, offices and training facilities – is fully equipped with all the advanced machinery needed to service a wide range of sophisticated engineering services.

The OESC’s location within Ras Laffan Industrial City will do much to reduce the number of valuable service contracts currently leaving Qatar by making it possible for the needs of the many companies working in the country’s expanding energy and water sectors to be met by locally-based services provided by Oryx Engineering Services and its strong Joint Venture partners.

Speaking at the ceremony. The Director of Ras Laffan Industrial City, Abdulaziz Jassim Al-Muftah, said” Ras Laffan Industrial City is pleased to see a Qatari private sector company making such significant investment and commitment to the Industrial services sector of Qatar, to support the various industries based in Ras Laffan and Qatar. We welcome them to the Ras Laffan Industrial City Family.

Speaking at the ceremony, Oryx’ Chairman and Managing Director, Abdulla Ahmed Mannai, said: “This journey has taken 7 years, I am delighted to see that the facility and the lineup of our experts and team has been received so positively by all of the industry experts who joined us at the ceremony. OES is the one stop solution for almost all engineering needs of RLIC, Qatar and greater MEA”

“We are extremely pleased with the strong and solid lineup of partnerships we have developed with ABB, AESSEAL and Transcar and equally so with the fact that we have created an environment that is all geared for productivity and excellence.”

Speaking for ABB Gus Abboud, Region Division Manager, ABB Discrete Automation and Motion, Middle East and Africa, ABB, mentioned “Oryx is a local company with an enviable reputation – throughout the Gulf region – for the quality of our services and the way we do business. We are a customer-focused organization, committed to delivering world-class services that major on value creation. We also have a strong commitment to sustainability and to the best interests of the wider Qatari community.”

“We are determined that, through the quality of our services and the convenience of our location, we will be able to contribute in supporting the development of business in the State of Qatar. The faster turnaround times we will offer will be attractive to companies operating in and near the Ras Laffan Industrial City, and our proximity to the region’s many off-shore operations will reduce the risks associated with transportation. Motors and generators are at the heart of everyday life and without them, many businesses would grind to a halt, therefore servicing this vital equipment is key to keeping the wheels of industry turning and keeping the lights on.”

Dean Rossiter, the Managing Director for Transcar highlighted the fact that “given the growing and rapidly expanding domestic and regional needs for agile and reliable logistics and project management services, we were in search for a local partner that brings global expertise for service to the region, the most important differentiator at Oryx is the mind-set and the precision, attention to the detail that is instrumental in our industry. We have found in Oryx a truly reliable partner and indeed a great complimentary value proposition for our vision of a joint presence within the energy industry.”’

AESSEAL the 4th largest manufacturer of mechanical seals in the world has also entered into a joint venture partnership with Oryx. David Elliot the Regional Director of AESSEAL in Qatar added: “I have been to almost all of our partner, engineering services centers in Australia and South Africa and around the world, I can admit that hardly any facility in many of these countries can match the line–up of human and technological capital that has been amalgamated under one roof at Oryx.”

Abdulla Mannai the Founder and Managing Director of Oryx Engineering Solutions concluded that “the journey has only begun and we are pleased to serve our customers and clients, doing so with passion, determination, foresight for the sector and being mindful that the well-being of our staff and team members within the facility is of paramount importance to the quality of our work. The journey for Qatar, Oryx Engineering Solutions and the opportunities in the energy sector in MEA has just begun.”

The full scope of the joint venture includes the repair, servicing, commissioning, installation and maintenance of all brands of electrical motors and generators, including those manufactured and distributed by ABB, all mechanical seals, project forwarding and logistics services for major transportation needs in the energy sector. The work will be carried out either at the new Oryx Engineering Solutions dedicated facility at the heart of Ras Laffan Industrial City or remotely on site at the customers’ operational locations. The on-site field services will cover the commissioning and installation of motors and generators and mechanical seals together with preventive maintenance backed by ABB’s Life Expectancy Analysis Program (LEAP) and AESSEAL. The off-site services offered will include preventative maintenance and the repair, refurbishment and upgrading of all brands of motors and generators.

The overall service provided by ABB Oryx M&G and AESSEAL Oryx will extend to the sale and delivery of spare parts and maintenance kits for the 10,000-plus ABB electrical motors and generators that have been installed by companies operating within the State of Qatar and other countries in the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa.

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