Slovakia Considers Opening Local Representation in Erbil

The Kurdistan Regional Government's Head of Foreign Relations on Wednesday received Slovakia's Ambassador to Iraq, Miloslav Nad, to discuss the upcoming establishment of a Slovakian representative in Erbil.

“The Government of the Republic of Slovakia is committed to further strengthen its relations with Kurdistan Regional Government,” said the Ambassador. He highlighted the development and progress being achieved in the Kurdistan Region in various fields, saying “Our government is in the process of opening an honorary consulate in Erbil very soon.”

Minister Mustafa welcomed the news, noting, “Opening a representation will allow you to discover more of Kurdistan and witness the vast opportunities for Slovakian investment and business that exists in Kurdistan.” He went on to highlight a variety of fields, especially agriculture and tourism.

The Ambassador also talked about the memorandum of understanding that was signed between the European Union and Iraq this month. “Iraq is taking a positive step toward establishing stronger political and economical relations with European Union, and we as a member of the European Union support such a memorandum,” he said.

Ambassador Nad also touched on the Syrian Kurdish refugees receiving shelter and assistance in a camp in Dohuk province, noting the Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) and UN’s assistance for the displaced people. The ambassador discussed a planned trip to see some clean water projects that the Slovakian Government is carrying out there.

The Slovakian Ambassador pointing out that the overall security situation in Iraq is getting better, and he was particularly impressed with the level of security that has been maintained in Kurdistan.

Both sides went on to talk about the importance of enhancing political, economic and cultural relations between Slovakia and Kurdistan Region, highlighting a number of specific projects such as a joint Kurdish, Slovakian the Czech Republic business partnership for electricity production in Kurdistan.

(Source: KRG)

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