Hitachi, Sumitomo, to Deploy New Water System in Iraq

Hitachi Plant Technologies and Sumitomo Corporation have concluded an agreement with Iraq's South Oil Company (SOC) to commence investigations for introduction of Hitachi Plant Technologies’ advanced water treatment system for the Iraqi oil industry.

Iraq is expected to be one of high oil-producing countries of the world, and further investment in oil development such as drilling of new oil wells is anticipated in the future. SOC, one of the largest national oil companies, responsible for Iraq’s southern region, is very keen on introducing advanced technology to improve the efficiency of its oil processing facilities and to prevent environmental pollution.

In order to solve Iraqi concerns of produced water, Hitachi Plant Technologies and Sumitomo have concluded to sign this Agreement and to penetrate this technology as a solution provider for the Iraqi oil industry.

As the first step, the three companies will install a demonstrative Industrial Water Treatment System unit (see attachment for details) developed by Hitachi Plant Technologies in a certain oil field owned by SOC in southern Iraq, and will study various applications as solution for environmental requirement and technical requirement demonstrating the proven performance.

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