Iraqi Dinar Investments: Opportunity or Scam?

Don’t mix apples with oranges: Some sellers hype the dinar as an investment opportunity by citing the rise in the value of the Kuwaiti dinar after the Gulf War and the German mark after WWII. Neither Kuwait nor Germany had a free-floating currency. Their value was mostly a function of official policy. An economy in Iraq’s situation - with an unstable government, acts of terrorism and widespread corruption - is likely to experience a currency crash or international devaluation.

Watch out for unsubstantiated, sweeping statements on religious or charity affiliations: Statements such as “pray for advice from God before making a purchase” or “our company has committed 10% of the profits towards providing for military based charities,” can be used in an attempt to connect with consumers and entice them to invest in dinar.

Other statements such as “everybody will want to get in on this,” are also used. However, remember there is currently no active market for dinars - you can buy them, but can you sell them?

Consumers are advised to avoid “opportunities” marketed by unregistered advisers to inexperienced currency investors. Legitimate opportunities should disclose all risks and avoid modifying or fabricating performance history to make an opportunity look better than it is.

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(Source: Better Business Bureau)

2 Responses to Iraqi Dinar Investments: Opportunity or Scam?

  1. cehona 5th July 2012 at 15:35 #

    Serious financial high risk speculation in the hands of charlatans, is disaster.

  2. adrian 6th July 2012 at 05:54 #

    And yet the gullible do not realize that they have been deceived with the same stories broker, dealer, gurus and pumper not believe. That the only millionaires are those who have sold the dinar, and never receive anything who bought even selling it to others with the same stories we were cheated. Not knowing anything about the issue of currency investments do not realize all the gains won by the charlatans. All this has been a scam and I hope the feds arrested soon everyone because there were many who left their salaries, savings, sold properties, loans and made ​​many sacrifices to buy dinars, because they believed each lies they said. Many sold this scam in the name of God that was a blessing from heaven. I hope justice will be done soon.