Weekly Security Update for 4th July 2012

Diyala is of particular concern, with 43% of incidents for the entire region this week occurring within the urban limits of either Baquba or Muqdadiya, including one car-comb and a double suicide bomb attack. In contrast, Kirkuk was again subdued, with only three recorded incidents. The region as a whole saw a total of eighteen improvised bomb attacks, four vehicle bombs (of which three were a coordinated motorcycle bomb attack), three suicide bomb attacks, a single under vehicle bomb, and nine shooting related incidents.

Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) – Only one significant incident was reported this week within the three provinces which comprise the KRG (Dahuk, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah), which is comparative with the previous reporting period. On 25th June, two civilians were reported to have been killed in a shooting incident in Kasnazan in Erbil province. The exact details behind the shooting remain unknown.

Central Iraq (Baghdad and Anbar)

Incidents in Baghdad rose this week to 35, compared to 22 from the previous reporting period, representing a significant increase on the 2012 average of 26 incidents per week. This weeks total was also a five-week high - the third highest since the beginning of February. The most prevalent form of attack was improvised bombs, with seventeen such incidents, including fourteen detonations.

In addition to this, two under-vehicle bomb attacks were also reported. The use of car bombs also continued, with two attacks targeting civilians, one of which targeted a popular market in a known Shia area. Shortly afterwards, a number of mortar rounds fell on what is thought to be a Sunni enclave in Hurriyah. This week also saw continued shooting incidents, with eleven recorded attacks. Of particular note were three reported incidents in the Sadr City area.

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