Details Nearly Finalised for Diwaniya Housing Project

By Padraig O'Hannelly.

Early last year, Iraq Business News interviewed Mohammed Alkhouzai, the head AMH Group, which, which along with a consortium of multinational companies was preparing to break ground on an exciting new project to build more than 10,000 housing units in Diwaniya.

I spoke recently with Mr Alkhouzai, who confirmed that they are still making progress on this project, but have not yet started construction as they have been waiting for an amendment to the Investment Law (No. 13) of 2006, which seems to have been sorted out.

The Government of Iraq have also been trying to structure a method of guarantee to satisfy our lending banks in Europe and the United States. We are hoping this will soon be finalised”, said Mr Alkhouzai.

This project will involve a consortium of American, British, and Turkish firms and will include major infrastructural work.

Mohammed, who has been active in the reconciliation and development of the country since 2003, said he is looking forward to re-developing the city of Diwaniya.

The city was originally founded by my ancestor, who built the guest house around which the city grew – the word 'diwaniya' means 'guest house' in Arabic”, he explained, “and I am determined to improve the city for future generations”.

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