UK Foreign Sec, Iraqi Foreign Min, Meet in London

By John Lee.

UK Foreign Secretary William Hague met Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari in London on 10 July.

After the meeting they issued the following statement:

Following yesterday’s re-opening of the Iraqi embassy in London which marks another important step in Iraq’s re-emergence on to the international stage; we reinforced today our commitment to continue to strengthen UK-Iraqi bilateral relations.

We are determined to forge a close and strong relationship across a wide range of shared priorities: politics, economics, trade, education and culture. We share the vision of a democratic, secure and prosperous Iraq, playing an important role in the region.

Following Iraq’s successful hosting of the Arab League Summit in Baghdad earlier this year, and also the more recent E3+3 talks with Iran, we are determined to work together to help bring stability and prosperity to the region. A stronger Iraq will mean a stronger Middle East.

We share deep concerns over the worsening plight of all Syrian people as the situation in Syria continues to deteriorate. We are united in our condemnation of all violence in the country, including the increasing acts of terrorism. We reiterate our call for the Syrian regime to meet its commitments to the full implementation of the six-point plan drawn up by Kofi Annan and the League of Arab States.

It is vital that that the international community unites to help solve the problems of Syria through an orderly, democratic political transition and to prevent them from spreading to other countries in the region.

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