KRG PM Barzani Announces Duhok International Airport

By John Lee.

KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani this week announced that the foundation stone for Duhok International Airport will be laid within two months. The future airport will further strengthen tourism and trade links in Duhok, which is one of Iraq's most prosperous governorates.

The premier’s news came in a statement also unveiling broader government investment in a range of public works, including a healthcare project to build hospitals in the city, town and districts of Duhok. Addressing the issue of the current shortfall in Kurdistan’s infrastructure, he said, “We want to create an organized foundation for an optimistic future.”

During his visit to the province, Prime Minister Barzani met with the Governor of Duhok Tamar Ramadhan and other Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) officials to discuss the airport as well as the construction of more schools and hospitals in the Kurdistan Region.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Ministry of Transport and Communications and international construction companies are currently in negotiations on an agreement to build the first international airport to be located within the Governorate of Duhok. The proposed builders have been invited by the Ministry to assemble a team of investors, developers, construction and concessionaire companies to finance, build and operate the airport.

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