Gulf Keystone Rallies on Shaikan Oil-in-Place Upgrade

By John Lee.

Prior to today's AGM, Gulf Keystone Petroleum has announced another major upgrade of the gross oil-in-place volumes for the Shaikan field in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Shares in GKP were up 6% in early trading in London.

The revised gross oil-in-place volumes for the Shaikan field, as calculated by Dynamic Global Advisors (DGA), independent, Houston-based exploration consultants, are a P90 value of 12.4 billion barrels to a P10 value of 15 billion barrels of oil-in-place, with a mean value of 13.7 billion barrels.

This very significant upgrade of the Shaikan resources estimates revises the previously announced range of 8.0 to 13.4 billion barrels of gross oil-in-place with a mean value of 10.5 billion barrels.

This upgrade is based on the data acquired since the last resource evaluation of the Shaikan discovery by DGA issued in November 2011 and is the fourth successive upward revision by DGA since the Shaikan discovery was announced in August 2009.

DGA's conclusions are based on the new data acquired as a result of:

  • Daily geological reports, lithlogs, mud logs, well logs, well tests and core reports for the Shaikan-5 and -6 appraisal wells, including logs and cores samples obtained with the Shaikan-6 well indicating the deepest oil shows recorded by the Company to date.
  • Re-mapping and re-interpretation of the Shaikan reservoir horizons, including the Cretaceous Sarmord and Chia Gara formations, the Jurassic Sargelu, Alan, Mus and Butmah formations, the Triassic Baluti formation and the A, B and C members of the Kurra Chine formation, using the latest results of the 3D seismic data interpretation applied to the Shaikan-2, -4, -5 and -6 appraisal wells.
  • Net pay mapping for 10 reservoir intervals across the Shaikan anticline.
  • Updated data from the Shaikan-1 discovery well and Shaikan-2, -3, -4, -5 and -6 appraisal wells, which now includes volumes from the Cretaceous Chia Gara and the Triassic Baluti formations.
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